Saturday, May 1, 2010

Each Moment is Sacred

Human life is sacred but few understand this.  Every moment is an opportunity to be the fullness of who you are.  Because people do not fully understand the purpose of life, they do not live life fully.  Time is wasted thinking about things that are not enduring while that which is enduring is ignored.  Each moment is an opportunity to shine, yes, literally shine and be like the sun, the moon, the stars and be who you are as magical beings who have lost their way.  Yes, humans experience a glimpse here and there but the glimpses are fleeting. To keep the view clear and full of light, spirit identity must first be accepted.  When things go awry in life, they need to be looked at as temporary hurdles that will gradually bring you closer to your goal of total freedom in form.

Freedom comes only when you fully live in each moment  understanding it is sacred.  This does not mean that you should not indulge in pleasure but what is needed to be understood is that pleasure is in nature, in love, in simplicity and moments of congeniality and sharing, respecting and being freely who you are.

Few understand this and because of their ignorance about time and space, they continue to lock themselves into matter only to return over and over again.  What do they experience on their return journey.  They experience deception, more confusion, and more falsity until on day they awaken and in the awakening the tears will come.  The tears will keep falling until they no longer exist.  To reach that point of no returning to grief and tears, you must totally understand that you are beyond time and space; you are beyond anything you have imagined.

You are the dream in manifestation but you do not yet know it.  I say to you, embrace the dream, be it now. What is the dream?  It is about you, your spirit living fully conscious in matter, living fully conscious in form and not losing one iota of the magnificent spirit that you really are~

The moment is now, not yesterday or tomorrow...right now~

From my heart to yours...

All Rights Reserved) by Shirlee Hall 2010

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