Friday, January 22, 2010

To Do the Great Work


Satisfaction is understanding and being who you truly are.
Discard the mantle of confusion and distress, loneliness and pain.
Adorn yourself in a mantle of beauty recognizable by its cosmic vibration.

You have passed through the fires of alchemy.
You are fast approaching the still waters of understanding.
You are now prepared for the battle of the soul.

You will do the Great Work in total confidence.
You will be given that which is best to create and use.
You will given a new armor that is protected through love.

You are love in form and in action.
You will feel a lightness, a joy within, a knowing that is Divine and a
love that transcends description.
The world is healed through your holy hands.

You are the blessed Ones, the Ones who have chosen to BE~

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