Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Whole New Science

The new Era brings new conditions to the individual who wants to become a true and conscious being. The Aquarian man and woman is new in the sense that he and she is a being of universal love, a being who is striving to be as luminous as the sun, a being whose enthusiasm and moral values correspond closely to that which has always been taught by the great Masters of humanity. It feels like a whole new science but in truth the science is ancient. Methods and techinques are again surfacing that are necessary to face up to the upheavals which are the inevitable accompainment of the birth of a new era...

There is intense stress, loss, suffering and tragedies happening all over the world. It is becoming increasingly obvious that we live in a chaotic energy and are continually being exposed to shocks. is not a question of changing the world...that would be impossible...but of transforming, enlightening and fortifying our inner being and helping others do likewise.
The spiritual path can be like shooting an arrow into the dark. You may feel that you are in constant warfare. You may encounter opposition from relatives, friends, government and medical professionals. In some cases, people may misunderstand you, misuse you, misjudge you and perhaps blame you for doing things and thinking in a manner, which they believe to be unjustified. They are afraid. Be kind to them. Think of all the Master Teachers whose thoughts were so contrary to the religious thoughts of the time. It really is not that difficult for us to pass from the thought of an ordinary person to the thought of the energy of a Christ. We can either accept that we are obliged to pass through difficult periods because this is how it is on earth or we can choose to strive toward self-mastery and attract truth, beauty, light and genuine happiness and balance. We heal and evolve by learning to place our limited human self under the protection, guidance, wisdom and love of the higher Self.
To hear the voice of Silence, the Divine, occurs naturally when we succeed in calming all our inner agitations, the rebellions, fears, and selfishness. The Voice of the higher Self is the voice of who we really are, which can only speak when all the nonsense in the emotions and conscious mind have been silenced. How do we know when we can trust the Voice and what is its source? When the answers are in harmony with the truth that the sages and saints have given us. It is then that we are on the same wavelength and are not being misled.
Develop a focus, an attitude, which is an ongoing state of mind that demands truth. Eventually, the within and the without become one. Our ultimate destiny is to remember God, Absolute, the Source of All. As we remember, our trust evolves and unbelievably rich and good things happen to us. They may be either small or larger experiences that only a genuine seeker would understand and appreciate.
The sublime is proven when the feeling of knowing and participating in the Sacred is powerful and evident in the human experience. I know as my truth that we can end negative karma by living in the knowledge and acceptance of our highest and best Self every day. Instead of being engrossed in intensity, anxiety and even greater stress, why not uncover more deeply who we really are and finish the assignment? Our job is to know that the All-Knowing Creator, creation, which includes us are one and the same. This knowledge is not only a great joy but also a tremendous responsibility that is gladly shared.
Our destiny is to uncover the divinity within. It is not far off somewhere. Get the personality, its fears and sense of separation out of the way. Soul evolution can be a great adventure! Move beyond the veil of the superficial part of the mind. Developing a love for perfection and elevating the thinking part of the mind and heart to a higher region dissolves the barrier that has been falsely created between the Divine and matter. Barriers shut out Light. Fear temporarily separates us from the Light. You are the Light and can personally experience Celestial Energy every day as protection, guidance, love, balance and wisdom when you deliberately and fully give your conscious attention to a subtle and eternal vibration that is attuned to the Sublime Limitless Energy. What we place our attention on, we become. It is then that we live as fearless and confident beings experiencing firsthand the true Authority.

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  1. Thanks for the clarity .Reminded me of what the Upanishad says- "that which is in the sun is in us."