Saturday, July 18, 2009

An Argument Against Negative Karma

It is true that transgressing certain laws will cause harmful imbalances both within and without. History has shown us this fact. We all know the 'eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth', cause and effect and action and reaction quotes. Some teachers suggest that higher invisible beings give us difficulties and ill health to force us to spiritually mature and develop a finer character. It appears as true that the majority of human beings are not spiritually enlightened. Too many lack knowledge or understanding regarding their true identity as spirit in form. If you do not understand who you really are and why you are on the planet and the purpose of the whole drama, you are bound to make endless mistakes. It is common today for a practitioner to ask a patient to immediately look for the cause of the illness, weakness of character or the vice, which provoked the disorder...disharmony. We are told to find the cause and put it right at that level. It is more than likely if we do not take the time to discover and take care of the cause, all the improvements we achieve by outer means will not be permanent. There is a great deal of truth in these conclusions. One problem can be resolved but later a new one may appear if a necessary change does not occur.

There are other practitioners and healers who follow certain rules such as asking 'Heaven' what its plans are for the one in need. The reasoning behind this rule is that the illness, lack, limitation or problem is not really a punishment but a demand that individual souls begin to do a gigantic work on themselves and others that they would probably not do if they were in perfect health. There is truth in this logic but it also smacks of judgment. Even people with fine character, selflessness and loving ways as well as great Initiates are often given serious problems to resolve. A greater attunement could be a possible reason for their suffering. Or, this view demanding that we get our act together could be looked upon as a direct insult to our consciousness and personal desire to spiritually evolve, serve and make earth a better place to live. There is a front door method we can enter without having to go through self-punishment from the past and suffer in the present. I personally feel that our soul conditioning, lack of self worth and an absence of a higher understanding and love create the imbalances and the mistakes.

There is the thinking, which I teach when appropriate, that focusing on the subconscious part of the mind and transforming its insidious power will heal. We are told that within the subconscious there is a solution for every problem and the cause for every effect. I have led past life regression sessions, emotional freedom tapping technique and many other successful tools. For many people, it is like opening a prison door of the mind and liberating the person from debilitating emotional stagnation. The subconscious is principal and works according to the law of our belief. When we feel guilty the energy stays in our inner computer and will rule experiences, events, conditions and actions. We definitely react to painful memories, fears and forgiveness issues.

Okay. You know all of this. You also know that to remove discord, confusion, lack and limitation you must remove the cause and stop punishing yourself. My suggestion is to change how you use your conscious mind and avoid future suffering. In other words, stop future negative effects because you are seriously changing the causes right now. The subconscious is very sensitive to feelings and thoughts. To say this simply, start believing in the truth of who you really are. This is the front door method. Begin practicing unconditional love on your self and allow the inner wisdom and love of your higher Self, the spirit, be in control. Start understanding and accepting your own beauty, worth, power and divinity. Feel, speak and act out of that firm belief. The more that you accept your true identity, as a child of God, the more likely the subconscious part of the mind will take orders based upon what your conscious mind is now choosing, believing and accepting as true. Souls who are healed are needed on this planet. I don't believe that suffering is a normal part of life. I also believe that we don't have to suffer in order to spiritually mature nor must we remain crippled on any level of energy. We have the power within to heal ourselves. Begin in earnest to use it!

This is my argument against ongoing negative karma, self-punishment. We can both build and destroy. We have a choice to feel with passion and desire and act with discipline, effort, belief and a love for a higher ideal. It is that special point of balance, the equipoise of mind, body and soul, where personal suffering stops. Others you love may continue to suffer but you will be able to comfort and give hope through your new understanding. Trust in the presence and the transforming power of the Creator within and allow it magical energy to live through you as you~


  1. Yes a healthy debate will ensue for sure. Even the topic of regressional is a hot topic. A great Indian Guru (female) that I asked about regressional over 25 yrs ago poo pooed it. Her point of view is that we have such strong ego’s to deal with; knowing who are what we were in a past life, can affect this one. I did have it done non the less over 25 yrs ago , when it was less fashionable. I went on to become a Brahma Kumari nun for many years. I was already meditating at the time and have always been attracted to various religions. This is my life study. The Indian guru, also told me that she had studied Karma her entire life and can confidently say that she would never fully understand the complexities of karma, as it is not straightforward. I can only agree of more than 30 yrs of study , myself.
    I do believe, according to the Buddhist faith one never remarks on another’s karma, makes sense.
    Is there a thing as negative karma? Karma is karma. It is a law stronger than any Godhead, any will and older than earth. It has no other purpose other than balance and good intention. How could it then be negative?
    To say that someone could understand their karma better if they were in physical health clearly demonstrates a lack of understanding of Karma. The physical condition is as a direct result of Karma. Furthermore having good physical health is NOT reflective of a healthy karma. One can be physically well and spiritually backward. The law of reincarnation is interlinked here. Not for this debate though.
    To not go within is to go without holds true. If people choose to live in ignorance of their impact on themselves and the world around them they will be judged by their own karma. To watch it in action, and to be a simple observer, reflects that it is not so much ignorance but denial.
    The time for action is here. We are not accountable for what we DON”T know but for what we do. We only pay according to our level of understanding. I cannot be judged the same as you. And as we evolve our level shifts. We become more accountable, and this is why we pay more heavily, when we deny knowledge of our actions. WE KNOW when we are doing something that is tilting us out of balance. The law of Karma will nudge, nudge, bump, knock and only then finally kick us in to submission. The law is a self-governing law of nature. For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction.
    We cannot make excuses for each other or ourselves. The call to action is clear.

    Thank you

  2. Excellent! You provided much clarity to my current awareness. Thank You Shirlee!