Saturday, August 15, 2009

Making the Best of Life

Everyone has the privilege of making the best of life. We need to make an effort not to be discouraged if we have neglected our opportunity until recently. We can always connect ourselves with the Divine Source and ask for intimacy, understanding, strength, guidance and grace. Even if we have made innumerable mistakes, we cannot suffer eternally, because for a finite action there cannot be an infinite punishment. Action and reaction must always be equal.

All rewards, gifts, healing and blessings are only natural reactions of our own actions and wholly determined by us. We reward and punish ourselves on many different levels. There is no arbitrary being waiting to punish or reward us. It is we who supply the materials out of which our destiny is shaped. We do not inherit any kingdom of happiness or a kingdom of unhappiness by accident. We move towards one or the other according to the momentum we create by our thoughts and habits of life. Neither do we get something for nothing, nor can we stay where we do not belong.

For many, this life feels like a consuming fire. If one learns to stand in its burning flame with a higher understanding, we eventually become like gold...pure and finally free. As long as we resist, complain or are afraid of disappointments or of losing material things, we can accomplish very little in our soul growth. We may fail many times or may wait a long time before anything good comes to us. It definitely helps to understand that there can be no loss and no unfair return. What we deserve is bound to come to us; what we do not deserve will not return to us.

True understanding if required for our peace of mind and soul. It is rather our lack of clarity of mind which takes from us many possibilities for good change and doing well. The law of compensation needs to be universally understood. It is not peculiarly an Eastern doctrine, as many think. It concerns everyone, whether he lives in the East or the West; whether he is a Christian or a Mohammedan, a Buddhist, Hindu, Hebrew faith or no religion. No one can get away from the law of compensation. Everyone must reap what he sows. This includes countries. And one way to help others is to introduce this larger idea. Let their mind be filled with it and
they will uplift themselves. The only real bondage is spiritual ignorance, which separates us like a veil from the Godhead. When that veil is torn from the mind, we are free.

During this period of world change, those who have spiritually prepared themselves and understand the law of compensation will more easily be able to access the Sacred Light.
It behooves us to be wakeful in every thing we do. It is through our love for the Divine, wakefulness, meditation, prayerful efforts and service that we tear the veil of soul ignorance. When it finally drops, the radiant Light expands and shines both within and without.



  1. wonderful tks for this post and everything you right to help us evolve

  2. Thank you dear Shirlee...........thanks for being ONE in 'spiritual-thought'........this universe consists of 'brothers and sisters', thanks for your enlightening moment. ♥♥♥♥♥ Love and Peace, Des ♥♥♥♥♥