Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Creativity and Weaving

The Ancient Mystery Schools had one precept inscribed above their portals: "Know thyself and Thou Shall Know the Universe!" We are the keepers and the writers of our own destiny. We weave our days and nights like a web through our thoughts, feelings and actions. Friends who have chosen to link their light with the Circle of Light are for the most part working for the unity of the whole world, for the collectivity so that there will be no more wars, no more misery...working with hope in our hearts for an Age of Light~

To work effectively, a special quality is required, which is total unselfishness. Yes, wisdom knowledge, love and understanding are also necessary and self-control desirable. Most of us have been on the 'path' for a very long time. Now it is time to be calm and spread and concretize all that we have learned. We are grateful for what we have discovered and remembered even when nothing has happened. Why? We are thankful for the spiritual level we have reached and to be here on earth during this auspicious time in soul evolution. Although we are still spiritually evolving, we are doing our best to spread true and unselfish love, the love that created and will renew the whole of humanity. And with increasing hope and determination, we are creating and weaving a new life that is expanding our consciousness, which leads to finer areas and dimensions where we can find inspiration for our future actions.

And as we are filled with love, let us remember to forgive ourselves and others to be free. If all humans were spiritually enlightened, there would be no crimes against life. The great truth of who we are unfolds as our consciousness expands. Because of the heightened energy available to us during this new cycle, healing personality issues may be the most challenging part of the journey. When more souls grasp the truth of inner worthiness and it takes hold in imagination and remains a steady part of the personal image, they will identity with honoring life.

Loving one's Self, the spirit within, is part of the process, the giant personal step necessary to break the bondage that false beliefs have created. Boundaries are concepts, notions and erroneous programming. Many good souls remain living in a self-imposed prison. I remind us of this fact so we can accelerate our evolution and soul evolution and clear out the old patterns that no longer serve the new cycle that we are entering. People desire freedom. To attain the freedom we long for, there cannot be fear. Fear separates us from the Absolute, our Source. To be free, begin with trust and take a step into the Great Unknown. The Great Unknown is to know one's own immortality as pure conscious in a physical experience.

In harmony,


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