Saturday, June 20, 2009

Who Are You?

The present era makes the link between the Piscean Era, now drawing to its close and the Age of Aquarius which is dawning. The constellation of Aquarius has been sending its rays and the vibrations of its wavelength have inspired, prepared and encouraged those of us who love the Absolute and desire to serve life. A whole new science with its accompanying methods and techniques is necessary to face up to the upheavals which are the inevitable accompaniment of the birth of a new era. The science is actually ancient and only appears new to those who have temporarily forgotten their spiritual identity and purpose. When I write or share regarding the return of the Light of God to earth, it comes from an ongoing firsthand experience in which my consciousness is aligned with a field of intelligence of a Higher Order. I know we can be whole again regardless of the appearances or the drama being created all over the earth.

Long ago, I chose the regenerative drama that takes place within self. It is inner nourishment and the possibilities are endless. The mind is the bridge that connects the created physical world with the higher celestial creative world of Light. In ancient days, truth referred to as the "mysteries" remained hidden except for the few because the collective consciousness was not ready to receive and understand. Although appearances are frequently bleak, we are collectively evolving towards a state of being where beauty and harmony will be experienced. There is an intelligent and perfect plan. Many years ago, I was blessed with a symbolic vision, which took form as a gigantic puzzle composed of dazzling White Light. The vision hovering in the air generated pure particles of subtle celestial energy. I watched in amazement as the various pieces of spirit luminosity gradually moved together to create a masterpiece representing the order of God's design and our destiny as enlightened beings. There is a higher plan for God's children, although it is rarely seen or understood through the physical senses. It is glimpsed and known as a direct intuitive experience.

I invite you to join me once a week as I share both sides of our nature, human and divine. Would you like to know what your spirit, your Higher Self, looks like? When you are ready, you will meet it face to face. It will happen in an unexpected moment. The first time I caught a glimpse of my true identity was thirty-eight years ago. I was sitting alone at the dining room table reading the morning newspaper . I became aware of a presence looking at me. To my surprise, an exquisite female stood before me in dazzling white light. She had a crown of diamonds on her head. Everything about her was radiant and glistening with eternal beauty, even her eyelashes. In awe, I asked, "Who are you?" Divinity answered, "I am you."

The spirit, the Higher Self, is the real you. Everyone has one. It is spirit hidden in form. It is our responsibility to manifest it in our mind, emotions and physical body. An intense love, trust and desire for the Good is necessary in order to be free. Why not expand your awareness and enjoy
the beauty, luster and divinity of who you really are? St. Paul, in the Epistle to the Corinthians, confirmed this truth in his statement, "There is a natural body and a spiritual body." As we travel in our journey of light, we support and give a much needed hope to each other and the world.

In joy and love,


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