Friday, March 19, 2010

Who the heck do you think you are?

For thousands of years, millions of people have experienced God in many forms, voices and lifesaving ways.  There is nothing new about it.  God lives as you, within and without.  Some of us give the Creator, Higher Intelligence, The One Source a personal name such as Beloved or simply the Higher Spirit Self.  It should be no surprise if the Divine appears, speaks or acts on our behalf because we are part of It and It is a part of us.  There is absolutely no separation unless that is your belief.

When people have a near death experience, an out of body experience, an angelic experience, a dramatic healing, a sublime vision or any other of the many supernormal events happen to them, life usually changes from that moment on.  They have been touched and some call it a miracle.  It is in truth a normal occurrence, a higher love in action, not a miracle.  The soul has evolved and is ready to receive and be conscious of the Inner Presence allowing it to freely express.  Some people become so excited with one experience that they write a book and become involved in the lecture circuit.  You cannot blame them really because they have in a personal moment of truth discovered that they are much more than they had ever dreamed.  They also realize that they are not alone.  Could it actually be true what the great teachers have repeatedly stated, "Ye are gods?"

Since there is disorder happening all over the planet, people need hope, inspiration and truth now more than ever before.  This is one of the reasons I wrote 'Be-Embracing the Mystery' and was intuitively pushed to join Face Book.  I know that there are many people like me on the planet.  I am using technology to reach them.  I also personally know some awakened souls who live quiet lives doing their best to restore harmony on earth.  What feels like a miracle to some is a natural and frequent occurrence to another.

Have you ever read anything about the amazing feats of great masters and wondered if what is claimed about them is actually true?  Even if one incident is true, it means that 'Ye are indeed gods".  We have within us the same potential to dare, act and be as they have.  I intimately know this subject because I have lived with the gifts all my life.  The type of gifts I am talking about surpass psychic gifts, medium ship and intellectual discourse.  It has to do with accepting one's own spirit identity and living it as firsthand experiences, actually being conscious of our own divinity and others, accepting, believing and acting on it.

Personal mystical as well as healing experiences are a natural occurance in my life.  Understanding the Universal Laws of Spirit, applying them in joy and gratitude, my life resembles very closely the firsthand experiences of those who have mastered matter and themselves.  If these amazing links with luminous beings and higher worlds of Light mean something to you, visit my web site  listed above.  Also, take a few moments and check out 'Shirlee's Store'.  My book, BE-Embracing the Mystery, intertwines the laws of life with magical moments and can be purchased through Amazon or Barnes & Noble on my site as a regular book.  It is also now available as an eBook in 'Shirlee's Store'. 

The book is filled with Light and the amazing reality of having been born with a conscious connection to  Divine Intelligence, Love, Wisdom and  and outpouring creativity that is fully alive behind the 'Veil', so to speak.  The words I share take you to a Reality that your soul longs for.  It is not an easy read.  Meaning, truth and splendid happenings require study and absorption.  The words are power and it is a gift of love and hope from my heart to yours~

The Jewel of Consciousness is in the Heart's Lotus~

Shirlee Hall

"All rights reserved" 2010 by Shirlee Hall

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