Friday, March 5, 2010

Are You Depressed?

                                                         A SONG OF HOPE

Tired of struggling, waiting and watching
Tired of feeling alone in your efforts
Tired of not knowing the future and what it will bring~

Stop and listen and listen well
Stop and take a close view at who you really are
Stop and believe that all is in order although it appears otherwise~

Begin to see clearly by stepping away from your situation
Begin to feel differently by changing the chatter within
Begin to listen to a New Song, a Song of Hope~

Now is the time you must be in control of emotions
Now is the time when you must stand erect
Now is the time to decide which way you will go~

Choices are yours to make
Choices will determine your fate
Choices are sacred when understood~

Results are yours to create
Results are yours to live
Results are yours to share~

Love who you are, the dark and the light
Love your journey regardless of what it may bring
Love the challenge and it will no longer be~

May only sun lit moments be yours~

Shirlee Hall

"All rights reserved" 2010 by Shirlee Hall

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