Saturday, April 3, 2010


Truths have been repeated from ages long ago.
We repeat them like parrots allowing them to
Evaporate as rain on a sill.
The time is coming when people will be forced to live Truth.
It is Truth that will save them.

Souls come and go of great spiritual stature.
Followers exclaim they are saved.
How can they be saved if the same ugly voice speaks and
actions falsify truth?

What is required for salvation is a new wave of thought.
A thought that penetrates mind and heart and transforms.
To be transformed one must Know.
How can one Know if the mind neither thinks nor the actions reflect?

Religions are a means that lead to awakening.
They are not the awakening, the savior of mankind.
The savior is within when we are brave enough to love who we are,
Recognizing our neighbor as our self.

As long as there is hate spewing from the mouth and ugliness from the mind,
We are not saved regardless of what we claim as our truth.
Truth is a different waveform of light energy that dissipates the darkness.
It does not create division; it brings forth unity.

Wake up and stop being a parody of what you really are.
To be able to wake up and be the authentic you, understanding these
words must first manifest in the mind and heart.
Words and actions will follow as a natural flow of grace and love.

The Path is free...walk on it~

(All Rights Reserved)  4-3-2010 by Shirlee Hall

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