Monday, July 12, 2010


This feeling of wonder
The knowing that fills my consciousness
When did She embrace my heart and make me her own?

Bursting with a quiet joy, life renewed
I feel young again with dancing feet
and cosmic music fills my heart.

Where did She come from...this mysterious friend
Oh, sweet companion long awaited for
What joy to realize your presence!

Free and yet not desiring to speak
Requires a space of quiet absorption
A period of silent laughter before I give thee away.

Can this joyful knowing be given to others?
I think not for they who sleep already have thy presence
One day they will discover a laughing heart and peaceful mind.

To be peaceful, full of love and sunshine
What has taken you so long?
Your presence is a welcome quiet and yet a thunderous awakening.

The quiet transcends all time, all space and all consciousness
It is not the workings of the mind
It is the awakening of the intuitive heart.

Spirit waits within, patiently opening into full flower
As I grow in the perfume of Her familir scent
I expand and touch those who yearn to swoon in unity

Where did She come from this Goddess of Light?
Embracing me with her radiant warmth and vitality
She came from nowhere but the SELF.

All rights reserved by Shirlee Hall  Copy write 9-16-77

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