Thursday, December 23, 2010



Whether you are a Christian or not, these words are for everyone...

Heaven is not far away; and it is not a place of metes and bounds, is not a country to be reached; it is a state of Mind...a Christ state.

Supreme Intelligence, God, never made a heaven or hell; we are creators and make our own.

Deep within, we all desire to attain the consciousness exampled by Jesus.  He said we could do what He did and more.  Open wide the windows of your heart, and like a flood of Light, a newness of mind, a heaven will come and bring a boundless joy; then everyday concerns and challenges will not seem as harsh.

When hope and love are behind what we think, feel and do,life is filled with goodness, understanding and grace.  The brightest gems are within the heart.  If you will it, the door opens and the treasure is revealed.  Genuine love is the savior.

In the fullness of gratitude, I give my love to a Messenger, a Master Teacher and Way Shower who opened the sacred pages of purity and love for all who long to consciously BE the Light here on earth...

Merry Christmas!


Shirlee Hall


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