Friday, December 10, 2010



I strongly feel that we are angels in a congealed vibration of matter who have collectively forgotten our origin, our true spiritual identity.  Our angel Self has moved into fields of density that has caused us to be confused and sometimes feel like we are alienated from our Sublime Source.  In truth, we are spiritual beings having an ongoing human experience until we get it right.
This is the time for us to gift ourselves by choosing to make a serious commitment to  Light of BEing, not only within but also recognize the Light within all other life.  As we increase our radiance, we experience greater freedom and eventual fulfillment.  This choice must rise out of our own will.

We have an angel within and can achieve a consciousness similar to the angels without.  When we awaken to a sense of responsibility and choose to remove obstacles, sincerely forgive, remember our true identity and act in love from the highest perspective, we honor the Divine and release and project love out into the world.  By giving a light-filled love, more is given to us.  Our cup is always full.

It is up to us to merge our ego and body firmly with our angel essence and achieve true enlightenment.  We are very similar to angels when we accept our inner Self and allow IT to guide, lead and live as us.  When we decide to love unconditionally, goodness, miracles, inspiration, protection, genuine joy and healing experiences become natural occurrences in our lives.  We attract and increase Divine Light in the aura and the body.  We respond instead of reacting.

With the end of the year fast approaching and a new year ready to be birthed, what are your plans for the 'real' you?  Let us unite and do our best to BE consciously aware allowing this period of celebration to continue throughout our lives...

In closing, ask yourself what can I do now and into the future to expand the Light of the Supreme within and without?  It is time to put away our toys, answer the Call and be a responsible spiritual citizen of the Universe~

Blessings of goodness, hope and love...

Shirlee Hall

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