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We automatically bring in distorted views at birth.  A baby judges itself by the reactions of the parents and the reactions of everyone else.  A child naturally accepts reactions to family, peers, and authority figures.  Now, how many of us actually had balanced or even loving parents?  What about the teachers who were so important as influences in our lives?  How many of us have generous, nonjudging friends and relatives?  

We were born judged before we arrived in the flesh. Not only that, if our father was unable to demonstrate affection toward us, his weakness transfers to our mind as a low sense of self esteem.  The father's attitude toward his wife and her pregnancy and child has a very strong effect that can go either way.  Any clash between the family will usually carry over into the child's adulthood.

The feelings we inherited can become a destructive form of behavior.  Why? The child will constantly attempt to prove something to the parents.  It is a carryover.  More often than not, problems are never resolved in a healthy way.  We unconditionally try to breach angry feelings between parent and child and stay in the stage of adolescent.  We do need a closure regarding the feelings.

It may take years to realize the above statements as an influence that could work against our sense of worthiness and peace.  This is why it is extremely important to learn how to genuinely forgive on the emotional level.  This is not easy for everyone to do.  There are tools you can use such as mentally going back to unpleasant scenes and writing them down in a journal as a rewrite.  This means that you recreate the past and record it on paper or simply as an event in your mind as to how you wish it to be.   Another powerful form of removing past hurtful emotions is to regularly perform the 'Cutting the Cord Ceremony'.  This is powerful.

A proven method in healing the tags that came with prebirth, birth and early life experiences is to deliberately seek to create a conscious connection with your inner God Self.  As good as therapy often is, it doesn't always work.  Surrender of the pain that you are carrying in your mind, cumbersome baggage and allowing your self to go beyond the intellectual level will eventually heal what stands between your feelings and genuinely being able to release the accumulated nonsense that has become a false reality.

You will be able to survive without too much damage once you make a conscious connection with your inner truth, the God part.    If you really desire to end the world of suffering, you must learn to be undivided.  Nondivision is the effect of awakening.

The thinking mind is a powerful and useful tool.  It is a tool that Reality, nondivision, can use.  If you only perceive through your mind, you can't tap into any Reality.  You must go beyond your thoughts.  You see, the thinking mind has created the emotions. What you will need to do to be free is to destroy your world of illusion.  This is all about being aware.  It requires many awareness's to remove destructive patterning.  Eventually, you will experience enlightenment but that is only the first of multiple enlightenment's.  You are on a mission to chip away at untruths.

Emotions do not clearly tell us who and what we are.  They tell us what we feel.  To finally be free, conflicted feelings must be removed.  Emotional upsets are indicators that we have unconscious beliefs supporting turmoil and the horrible sense of separation many souls have from their holy Source.

I obviously cannot cover enough points in a short article to help remove you from the illusion, but as a reminder, you can begin to ask, 'What would my emotion say if it could speak?'  What belief pattern does it have?  What is it judging?  Our emotional life is a clear and dependable indicator of when we perceive things from a point I call division. We are mentally and emotionally divided from our true Nature.

Stop arguing with Reality.  Arguments are part of the dream state.  Wake up! Look into your emotional life and do your best to bring into awareness anything that has the power to cause you to experience division.  Examine your emotions.  Question everything.  What is truthfulness?  Meditate in Silence and allow the deeper truths to reveal themselves.

Be willing to see what is true and that it is you who is putting yourself into conflict.  Open yourself to greater possibilities.  Allow Light to come into your mind and emotions and purify, purify and purify some more.  The goal is not to feel division between your sacred inner self and the outer package.  The ideal is to be awakened and experience the whole body, mind and soul as a visible and tangible means to express the grace and beauty of your Absolute Unified Self.

Love, Light and Laughter,

Shirlee Hall

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