Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Intention




Are you ready to move forward and allow yourself to consciously expand what you understand as reality?
How do you interpret reality?
Do you understand your own spiritual identity and purpose?
Do you accept that you are capable of being a successful co-creator with God?
What does it mean to be perfect as our Creator is perfect?
Is there really a Great Work waiting for us to fulfill?
What can we do to lift the consciousness of the human race to an expanded level of respect, compassion and lasting peace?
Are you really awake or is there lingering confusion, misunderstandings and distortions troubling you?
If awakened, has your state of mind and heart  led to enlightenment?
Has your enlightenment led to greater enlightenment's?
We are here for one another.  
I speak from a lifetime filled with wakeful moments and ongoing enlightenment's.
Spiritual awakening is in reach for all of us.
Do you clearly understand what spiritual awakening actually means?
This is not about denial nor does it rest in ego; it is about your true identity as spirit in matter.
If you need to share your mind and heart with someone who understands through her own authentic  experiences with the Beloved, feel free to connect your light with mine. 
Love, Light and Laughter,
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