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Sunday, February 8th, we meet in Woodridge, IL for a class/meditation on Ascension.

Following that gathering will be a 'Flower of Life' Sacred Healing Breath Workshop in Downers Grove, IL at the Sohmar Massage School, Friday, February 20th, 7 PM,  to help you expand your vehicle of ascension.

Everyone has his or her own chariot or as some refer to the energy, Throne of God.  It is our responsibility to expand the primal pattern called the Mer-Ka-Ba and experience the Reality of its existence and become consciously aware of our personal Flower of Life.

I used a pink Flower of Life pattern  because this is the particular vehicle I experience as my own.  At times, I walk consciously within it.  It is a natural experience, never contrived, simply happens.

Our focus at the Sacred Healing Breath Workshop is a return/reminder of  an important aspect of awareness that the Circle of Light has studied at length and experienced in the past.  As for the reality of Ascension, it involves a process where the human body is transformed into light.   Expanding our Light has been my 'teaching-demonstration' theme for thirty-five years.

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Love, Light and Harmony,

Shirlee Hall

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