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When I was in my early twenties, I met a man who charmingly claimed he was a very high being.  Not having a developed spiritual discernment and being naive and trusting, I believed him.  I did not entertain the thought during that period of my life that someone would have the audacity to be a spiritual pretender, a dark master of deceit.  Although he was only briefly in my physical life, my belief and feelings for his identity and claims was a strong influence for a period of eighteen years.

I mention this because many people today are trying desperately to fill a void within not realizing that they are filling it with all the wrong 'stuff'.  Another aspect of human behavior that I have observed is the need for sexual indulgence of souls who are trying to complete themselves by looking outside of their own hidden Self.

Whether an individual uses a drug prescribed or otherwise, alcohol or anything that gives a temporary lift in personal energy is in essence band aides for something much deeper.  They are seeking in many instances to fill a void.  Another human cannot fill the void nor can substances.  This includes money, status, and traveling or anything that temporarily pleases the personality. 

I am voicing my experience and observation because there is an increasing sickness occurring everywhere in the souls of humankind.  At the same time, other souls are aware and have heard a higher Call and are gathering and choosing to take action by helping those who are still trapped in the snares of falsity.

Have you tried to help others to no avail?  Perhaps, you have but the effects are short lived.  This hard fact applies in a personal way as well.  Returning to my first paragraph regarding the self-styled guru who had me spellbound for eighteen years, I will tell you how my attraction was suddenly removed.  An unexpected encounter in an unlikely place occurred.
When I saw him, I was inwardly ready to look him squarely in the face and have one of those 'aha' moments.   I laughed.   In my being consciously aware of the absurdity of his consciousness, I was free!

The hoax was finally obvious.  Once we realize a truth, the issue is easily removed from the mind and heart.  In other words, signs, outrageous events and well meaning friends will not deter us from our fascination.  When we are ready, we are set free from falsity and in some cases, an insane situation.  Freedom may arrive in a very amusing way.  It did to me.  In fact, the eye opening meeting by 'chance' was one of the silliest moments I have ever experienced.  When we finally see clearly and can laugh at something that has entangled us, it is a joyous form of freedom and relief.

In sharing  this one experience, the intent is to encourage you not to give up regarding your own silent suffering or loving attempts to help another be relieved of his or her pain.  Over and under eating is a form of abuse, a lack of self worth.  Anything that harms the body, mind or soul of self or another is an indication that the spirit is caged and the human with its hidden soul agenda is not ready to unlock the door.

Some people go to therapists their entire lives.  They may never be aware of what is at the root of their suffering.  The personality and its determined denial is the enemy; it must surrender in order for the amazing beauty and wisdom of our love nature to be free from the illusion, the false environment that we have created.

This is what is meant by the statement that sometimes we experience what we are not in order to become aware of what we really are.  Firsthand experience is an excellent teacher.  One day, each of us will transcend experience and in absolute awareness realize 'what Is'.

May the year 2012 be a genuine eye opener. May it be a year of conscious realization and learning to laugh at your self and see with the Light of the inner eye.  We have the power to change the drama and create a script that models our inner beauty and magnificence.

Love, Light and Laughter,

Shirlee Hall

January 6, 2012


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