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Have you ever wondered how anyone actually becomes a Christ?  It certainly must involve more than be a good person and helping others.  If that were the case, we would have millions of awakened souls instead of the situation that has existed throughout known history.

In our next Circle of Light advanced monthly series, we will approach this subject through nine lenses.  Those of you who have known me for a long time already are aware that many of the lectures and workshops that I offered have a definite Egyptian influence.  Egyptian alchemy is the best source available that offers how you can harmonize the physical body with the psychic and spiritual bodies to allow the full descent of light into physical form.

The ancient Egyptians understood that each of us is composed of nine lenses or bodies that must be ignited within us on our journey of life and death.  We must consciously unite them.  According to the Egyptian texts, we have a complete body, where every internal organ and limb is in its perfected state.  These layers of feeling, form, shadow, sound, light, sacred geometry, perception, earth connection, power, love and intuition create all the different aspect of our selves.

Perhaps, you have heard teachings that are starting to come together now to reveal how to create a “new” type of human being…new to us, but known well to the Egyptians.  In our Circle gatherings we will preview how each of the Nine gives us a different perspective on how to live, create, and shift our guidelines used by one of the most advanced civilizations the earth has ever seen.

The intention is to open, heal and connect physical bodies where they can feel their transparency and ability to hold light. We will work with the double, the soul, the shadow, vibration and sound, the conscience, connecting individual soul with universal sou. Willpower, transfiguring our physical bodies with cosmic awareness.  It is always up to us, individually, moment by moment to do the ‘work’ and reach a point where we live as a conscious co creator with God.  All nine of our bodies must be in harmony.  Most people do not see through more than three or four of these lenses during one day; to see though all of them is to be a multidimensional being.

Some of the greatest beings on earth have used the ancient Egyptian wisdom in order to transform themselves.  So you are in good company.  This means that you become a fully responsible co creator with Source, on earth, here in your body, now.

Circle of Light, August 12th, 1:00 PM  La Grange, IL  call: Shirlee, 630-202-3818

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