Saturday, September 1, 2012



September 9th, Sunday, 1:00 pm La Grange
Circle of Light Advanced Class...Subject, the Shadow. Also, a healing meditation.

September 21st, Friday, 7:00 pm Downers Grove...Sohmar Massage School Sacred Breath Healing Workshop


People frequently ask me my opinion regarding what they refer to as the 'Big Day' predicted for the end of December this year.

Everything manifested has its own cycle. We, all earth and Her creatures, are entering a new cycle. More Radiant Light is coming to us from the Source. Not everyone is receptive or prepared. Consciousness being actually raised, elevated and expanded is an individual effort and responsibility.

One cycle is ending and another is beginning. Right now, we are in what I refer to as a gap. Everything is a choice. This includes soul evolution. Ascension is a personal responsibility. We create our future and that is why the best action is to strongly and consciously connect to our Source within and do everything possible to live as an authentic being.

When we are sincere, persistent, paying attention, compassionate and forgiving not only toward others but toward our own self both the shadow and the light, we create an amazing creative energy field of radiance that will provide, protect, guide and nurture us regardless of what is occurring in the outside world.

More souls must step away from denial and accept the truth that there is darkness attempting to hold back the light of God. We are blessed as free-will creatures. Build your own consciousness, think deeply, pay attention and drop the fear. The energy of fear creates exactly what you don't want in your life.

This is how I understand manifestation at the end of this year and the years ahead. The BIG DAY is every day. In this moment, we are creating our future.

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall

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