Thursday, March 28, 2013


UPDATES: April 7th, Circle of Light class and meditation, 1:00 PM in Naperville, IL

April 19th, Sacred Breath Workshop, 7:00 PM in Downers Grove, IL

NEW! I am writing my first novel, The Riddle of Suffering! It will be an eye-opener~

NEW! My good friend, Jim Loftus, who is now offering a brand new web site: similar to what Guy Spiro used to offer in the Monthly Aspectarian. Check it out. Excellent!

This was the old wish for the aspirant on the path. It means that through constant striving toward the Light we might transmute the heavy cross of matter (earthly self and issues) into the fragrant Rose of the spiritual life. This is known by the awakened ones as the Earth initiation. The soul is ready to demonstrate more fully the Light of God in his/her actions on earth. It is one thing to intellectually understand and quite another to achieve inner realization and actually put it into action.

Wouldn't it be amazing if more of us would make a deeper commitment this Easter to live the Christ spirit? We can go direct to the heart of Christ. We have the power to do that. Every time you allow yourself to be filled with gratitude, compassion and live a higher form of love toward others, you are gaining a greater mastery over the ego and body.

Jesus came as a promise to what lies within us. Underneath the package we are wearing is the all-pervading spirit of love. Accept your daily karma. It is the bread which feeds your soul.

Jesus offered us His spirit, the essence of divine love. Drink from the cup he offered and your heart will be filled with both understanding and love. Love is the fulfilling of the law. Through love we are made whole.

In hope and harmony,

Shirlee Hall

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