Saturday, November 1, 2014

Are You a Sinner?


Much of what I share is from a deeply metaphysical perspective.  I want you to know that there is no obligation to accept any of it.  The books and articles that I write and the classes offered are from personal experiences.  Hopefully, the words will cause you to think in a new way.  New thought creates a new reality.  Since everybody is a creator, why not change what isn’t working?

How do you know if you are a sinner of whether there actually is evil and suffering in the world?  There are old teachings that suggest how human beings can be restored with their Source.  Marilyn strongly feels that humanity needs to be saved from forgetfulness of their true identity as spirit in form and the ignorance they assume is real.  There has been too much for too long mistaking the false for the real.

It is the illusions; attachment and lack of understanding that make us feel we have ‘missed the mark’.   The goal is to return to the wholeness of who we are.  It is a forward movement that only occurs when the soul awakens.  This is why an invitation to develop the higher or spiritual sense organs is frequently emphasized.

Do you really believe that God created sin?  Sin manifests by an intelligence that is off balance…there is no harmony.  Sin is not inherent in things whether cosmic or of earth.  Yes, if our parents had been enlightened, we may have been balanced in body, mind and soul.  They were not and as a result, most people are disoriented.  Parent’s took their relative perceptions as absolutely real and passed them on to their children.

There is a sickness of the conscious mind as well as of the feeling heart.  Only a rare soul understands, “I Am That”.  People generally identify with a false image.  In some cases, the image is extremely negative.  They feel lack and limitation even when they are financially wealthy and have people who respect and love them.  In other words, to solely identify your nature with matter is a form of corruption of what you really are.

The consequence of ignorance and harmful attachments is sickness and suffering.  Humans blame themselves.  If God did not create evil and sin, then individual intelligence is the creator.  Perhaps, this is a major cause as to why souls reenter physical bodies.  They feel guilty.  Many good people have serious physical and mental diseases.  As a result of firsthand experiences in the area of healing, I have witnessed how a readiness to forgive and understand can actually heal what is considered impossible. If a human allows love to be directed toward self, living in a physical body wouldn’t feel like such a wasteland. 

Perhaps, you will say that another person or even your self has a disease as a result of genetics, a diet or activity.   Who chose to enter a particular womb?  The soul with the disorder did.  Who chose the diet or activity? Spiritual ignorance is a sickness of the heart and mind. It is never too late.
Humanity desperately needs an entirely new and unexpected way of dealing with a problem.

You know when you are out of balance.  Acknowledge it; don’t feed it by creating sickness or a future incarnation of pain and suffering.  Start now harmonizing with yourself and then you can try to harmonize with the world and with others.

Love and Light,

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