Sunday, December 14, 2014




Our Father who art in Heaven, send to all the sons of men your Angel of Peace…

We ask that the Angel of the True Life awaken within us and remain forever.

We ask that the Angel of Power send to our thoughts the seeds that will break the bonds of suffering.

We ask that the Angel of Love send to us peace and harmony.

We ask that the Angel of Work send to all humankind a holy task, a true blessing.

We ask that the Angel of Wisdom send to our minds pure knowledge that we may walk on the path of the Great Ones who have seen the Face of God.

We ask the Angel of Joy to fill our hearts with singing and gladness as we nestle in the arms of our Mother.

We ask the Angel of Eternal Life to send the Kingdom of God that we may soar beyond the stars and live consciously our true and glorious Self.

We offer our deep gratitude and love to the Angels for their compassion and generous Heart.

(The above is a personal adaptation of the Sevenfold Peace Meditation from The Essene Gospel of Peace – Book 4)

In harmony,
Shirlee Hall

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