Monday, September 7, 2015


Sept. 18, 2015, Friday, 7:00 PM, Sohmar Massage School - Downers Grove   $65.00

A Sacred Healing Breath Workshop is for souls who are ready to give undivided attention to the spiritual energy behind all things.   It is a conscious choice, unity and higher perception whereby we focus on an inner light.   True Knowledge is inner Light.  The Truth Itself is infinite, but in our moments of conscious connection we embody the Infinite in degree.
To the degree that we embody the Infinite, we become healed, awakened and demonstrate the truth of what we really are.

Come with a quiet confidence, an open and receptive mind, a believing heart and enter a portal of Reality that has patiently waited to heal your wounds.  The Sacred time together with the Light of the One is solely to assist you in strengthening your conscious connection to the truth of what you already are.   It is a revelation of the self to the with Reality.

In love and wisdom,

Shirlee Hall

Dress comfortably.  Eat lightly.  Bring a mat, pillow and a light throw.  Be on time.  Know that you are loved.

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