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There is a great Principle within us.  Some call It a particle of God.  We have the same Christ, truth, particle, light in us as Jesus did.  He obviously had it to a greater degree of activity.  Jesus understood the science of the Diamond-indestructible-eternal consciousness more than us.  I am talking about the science of a much higher and larger reality which is being referred to in this article as wisdom, love and light.

I believe in one living and true wisdom commonly called God, Father, One Power and Presence.  Jesus was a medium for the science of this power Source and the activity of the Holy Spirit, which is the creative word...Sound.  It is the Holy Spirit that is the creative 'mover' in the science that will lead us to truth-light-love and expand our inner God Light.  Holy Spirit is the creative power of the Christ-Wisdom within.

The real crucifixion is how ignorant man has ignored and done everything possible to destroy the wisdom within man.  False teachings kill truth.  Unenlightened opinions kill the science of wisdom and love.

Within us is the Diamond Light that will remove the darkness of ignorance and the sense of separation.  Instead of embracing the Light, common unenlightened man has either ignored or attempted to destroy it.  The garment to wear is the garment of truth.  Christ will rise again within and as us when we seek the intuitive science of wisdom and love.

A human can be set free of illness and error by understanding a different science...inner knowing.  What you can do for yourself is examine and remove false opinions.  Understand that the Christ wisdom lives within you.  The living God or wisdom feels your pain.  Its' activity will roll the stone from the sepulcher of your self-made tomb.  Allow this to happen and you will rise from the dead, which means ongoing error beliefs.  You will rise into an expanded living Diamond Light.

Understand this and error will eventually be removed from your thinking.  Disease, lack and limitation are the direct result of belief.  Remove the belief.  To remove the three, you must first understand the error of your thinking and false programming.  That is the action of casting out.

Recognize and deeply love the Master Teacher within.  Gain an understanding of the wisdom Science dormant in your soul and accept the Christ Light as already a part of you.  Throw out the false master, the one of collected false beliefs.  Submit to wisdom and you will finally be happy and healthy.  Family, friends, religious and medical beliefs that are not scientific wisdom and authentic love mold the mind into fear and cause disease.  The intuitive inner wisdom and love removes false beliefs that destroy and confuse.

Wisdom makes us a part of one another.  We cannot be separated from one another or separated from God.  We are one family.  Separation is an opinion.  Opinions can easily deceive.  Inner science of wisdom and love, the true Christ teaching, is eternal life.  Authenticity is my shepherd that leads me through the dark valley of the shadow of ignorance and death and places me where no belief or opinion can sway me into falsity.

False beliefs separate and cause errors and unhappiness.  Acknowledge the Christ truth, a wisdom far superior to man's false beliefs.  Embrace the divine light of understanding and love and you will no longer be confined by the errors of the physical world.
This is what Jesus understood and how true healing manifests.

A blessed Easter...
In harmony,
Shirlee Hall

Light is a bond that frees us, a weight that lightens our load.
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