Saturday, July 23, 2016



 "Everything begins in the know that...nothing new.  The problem is people forget and don't do as Buddha and other enlightened ones suggest, "Guard the gate of the 5 senses".  Everything Jesus did was scientific.  People can demand, visualize, chant, pray, meditate, offer service, use herbs, oils,etc., and nothing is permanent in the area of healing until old programming is faced, forgiven and released.  In other words, change the mind. Wake up! 

People can avidly read and try everything and anything but for any form of true healing to occur we must face what is in the mind and heal it if necessary by understanding that we are far grander than the mind and begin to see ourselves in a totally different light.  This is why the seminars, books, lectures, advice from a friend doesn't usually permanently work until that moment there is an inner click, a 'knowing' regarding true eternal identity.  Besides all the nonsense programming there is the awful false identity thing which has caused dear souls intense and ongoing grief and a sense of separation.  Top that off with a low sense of self esteem and the deck is stacked against an individual.  It is a rare person who really 'gets' identity.  You have the power to change everything in your body and life.  Take off the mask and claim your true identity by changing your mind and reaching higher."   Shirlee Hall

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