Friday, July 18, 2014



If we are honest with ourselves, the answer is to be fully who we are.   What are we?  Simply said, we are concretized light temporarily occupying a physical form.   Human beings are conglomerates of energy fields.  Yes, we appear to have boundaries but, do we?   We are expert at pushing energy away through a negative state of mind such as worrying.  The stress of every day living disperses our energy and often a human feels useless.

We can alter negative patterns, block the flow of non productive expectations and behavior through serious study of our true identity and purpose in being. Most of the people I know are sick, dying or simply tired of the ignorance that has reached epidemic proportions on our planet.  The negative energy has nothing to do with age; a lack of genuine awareness is the cause producing stunning effects that need not be.

We have within and surrounding us an impersonal force to actually use to benefit not only ourselves but others if we dare to seek and employ it.  We are held together by vibration.  Inner knowledge will assist us in finding and working with the elegance and well-being brought about by wisdom.
Earth is where we need to do the creative work.   Energy makes us free.

If we have not developed a sense of urgency, an unbending intent to actually be in human form the light hidden behind the form, it becomes increasingly difficult to live as a magical creature of awareness.  Evolution is about awareness.   Sure, we have read about beings who actually accomplish masterful things.  The beings who succeed are humans who actually use the incredible resources within that are usually ignored.

Our responsibility as organic beings is to moment by moment use the higher conscious organ of awareness.  First, we need to accept that our true nature is luminous light motivated by mind.  Master teachers are organic beings who have accepted and used their evolved awareness to expand a personal sublime, visible and tangible Self.  For simplicities sake, we could refer to it as an inorganic being.  I believe evolution of consciousness involves increasing, expanding and actually using our brilliancy for our own good and for the good of others.  We become fluid, incorruptible and magical creatures bringing heaven to earth in our body and mind as a sacred and 'working' temple. We are the priests and priestesses.  Our heart is the alter.   This is what I desire and am manifesting.  Any thoughts?

Love, Light and Laughter,

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