Monday, January 19, 2015




Have you ever questioned what all the 'ascension' talk is really about?

Have you studied my December 2013 book "The Three Persuasions"?
That book which many of you actually have collecting dust on your shelf is the subject of 'Ascension' disguised as a fairy tale for inquisitive souls.   If you plan to join us in the home of Chris Davidson in Naperville, 1:00 pm, on Feb. 1st,  look it over before we meet.

We will not be discussing the book or my new one, 'Trapped: Visitor from Heaven'.  The new book will be available for you who have been patiently waiting.  By the way, if you have not already read some of the Amazon comments, please do.  What we will be  examining is the true meaning of ascension from the view of Jesus, yes, Jesus.

Since I do not typically advertise our classes, I leave it up to you to share with 'buds' who are ready to flower with the energetic fragrance of our
Circle of Light  gatherings.  Feel free to invite souls who are genuinely serious in their intention and could use the support of a circle of 'light' minded friends.

Any questions,  email

Love each and every one of you,

From my heart to yours,


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