Monday, January 5, 2015


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A redemptive story narrated by Archangel Ramiel. It is a woman's firsthand experience rising from the depths of abusive power that led to a persistent search for truth, psychic phenomena, complete surrender and a healing likened to a modern day resurrection. The heroine's journey clearly demonstrates the power of faith and the force of the mind, determined to prove that there is hope and a healing possibility for all of us.

Through the narrator, Archangel Ramiel, she shares ongoing firsthand experiences with angels, archangels, visions and the subtle worlds of intelligent Light. The practical side of her unusual story are the psychic manifestations of power in the third dimension that so easily correct emergency or troubling situations. The different forms of healing in body, mind and soul that can actually manifest are clearly described encouraging us to not only do but be who we really are ... intelligent souls with unused powers and a startling, enduring presence of Light waiting patiently to be used.

The heroine clearly demonstrates that suffering will lessen and even stop when we choose to take responsibility for our own lives. Accepting and loving one’s self is a serious aspect of our choice. The narrative is a compassionate story full of forgiveness, attentiveness, creating harmony and extending love and courage toward the personality and its old programming. The intention is urging humanity to become humanly what they are spiritually. A genuine devotion toward life is not only extended toward all people but all life forms including the Earth. Trapped: Visitor From Heaven is an intense love story of a different kind.

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