Tuesday, March 31, 2015


April 17th, Friday, 7:00 -9:00 PM   $65   Downers Grove, IL.   Sohmar Massage School

Awakening your highest possible personal connection to the Divine.   Healing Grace and the love of God is a powerful energy force that purifies thoughts, feelings and the body.  The transforming balm is
a firsthand experience with the masterpiece that you truly are.

The sublime energy includes an introductory explanation, meditation which leads to your initiation, baptism and fusion with the Violet Ray.    Bring your own mat, pillow and dress comfortably.

Intention is for you to gently connect to your soul and receive clarity and release.  The Violet Ray is a powerful experience of sacred love where you feel expansive and one with the Source.  Physical, emotional or soul healing may take place.

Shirlee Hall, author of five books, healing channel, workshop leader and spiritual consultant is your guide for the evening.     Contact Shirlee:  bethemystery@aol.com regarding details and registering.  Space is limited.

Information: Shirlee has 4 books available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  There will be three available on Kindle by Easter.  Be- Embracing the Mystery is the latest Kindle version to be uploaded.


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