Monday, April 20, 2015



Are you using the higher power available to you?
Is there a 'correct' way of using power?
Are you consciously present?
Are you willing to experience an instantaneous healing?
Can you get out of your own way?

We will discuss what is actually preventing us from moving beyond tools, tricks, conditioning and fear. Bring your questions but mainly bring an attentive consciousness.
May 3rd, 1:00 pm
Location:     La Grange, IL.  private home
Details: contact Shirlee at

Fair exchange charge: $35
Feel free to bring a guest. There must be someone 'out there' who is ready to open a gift that they didn't know they already have.
Love, Light and Laughter,


***Please note that our Circle of Light classes and Sacred Breath Workshops are ongoing.  They are specifically designed for souls who are ready to let go and allow themselves to live as the fullness of the Light~

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