Tuesday, January 24, 2017


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Shirlee Hall6:02pm Jan 24

As a direct result of an ugly lack of a higher understanding on planet earth, times of sorrow have appeared. The sorrow is felt both in the heavens and on earth regarding the heavy manifestation of negligence and ugliness displayed in the public arena. In plain talk, because of selfish indulgences, an energy has surfaced on earth that is neither respectful of life, liberty or justice. In order not to succumb to the spiritual ignorance that is gaining control, each must be responsible, awaken to the light of truth and do something about it.

Your particular religion or philosophy matters not. What matters is the shocking lack in character involving millions of souls not living the teachings given as unconditional love and unselfishness by the teachers of men. Being embodiment's of Truth has been ignored by the masses for too long. Extreme measures were forced to surface to reawaken those who have ignored a divine teaching of love, wisdom, and understanding. Neglect is now showing its disgusting face.

Temples, churches, mosques, philosophies and eloquent statements are meaningless unless each of us demonstrates a heightened consciousness that clearly honors life regardless of form. We are our 'brother's keeper'. Because of greed and disinterest, light is diminished and devastating damage will appear on earth for future generations.

You can stop darkness by actually waking up! Do you really think that you are that privileged to go to a plane referred to as Heaven if you deliberately ignore the hell that has been created for God's creatures and our beloved Earth due to negligence and greed? This is a wake-up call that is not pretty nor does it offer favoritism. Get off your butt and make the difference that all of us should have made years ago. It is never too late.

Increase your own light, jar your consciousness to awaken to a higher level of understanding, pray and support those who care and stay focused. Do you want 'Heaven on Earth'? Earn it!!!

Shirlee Hall

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