Sunday, January 1, 2017



To put into words what is in my heart is not an easy task.  My love for Source, Cause, that which we call God is overwhelming.  My life has always been filled with visions, healing, wonder and grace.  Personally, I feel the best way to ‘teach’ spirituality is to be an example and share our experiences. May the examples that I choose to share give you hope and a realization that you, too, can be a healing helper with the loving energy of the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit knows what is to be corrected.  There have been more times than not when I haven’t any idea at all as to what the problem is with a client.  I frequently learn what the concern was much later.  As an example, a teenager came to me with a diagnosed growth inside her head.  At the time of her visit, she never mentioned what was wrong.  It wasn’t until later I found out that the growth vanished and the surgery was canceled.
Another woman asked that my hands be placed on her wrists. She gave no explanation and I didn’t ask.  A week later, she informed me that her carpal tunnel surgery had been canceled.  Recipients are usually pretty nonchalant around me.  They frequently assume I intuitively know everything about them.  I don’t.  I never spend more than fifteen minutes with someone who asks for help and I always call on the Holy Spirit.  My understanding is that the Holy Spirit knows exactly what to do.  My love and trust serves as a conscious transmitter or transparency of the sacred energy available anytime or anywhere. 
All healing does not take place in the same way.  Some people even reject a healing after having received it.  It is a fascinating subject involving many levels of understanding with the consciousness of the ‘patient’ playing a big part in the results.
The presence and action of the Holy Spirit are recognized not only in the Church but also outside it, and above all in other religions.  The Spirit has been at work in the world before Jesus came to earth.  We are called to the same divinity, which is divine.  The Holy Spirit offers to all of us the possibility of being made partners.

Happy New Year!
Shirlee Hall


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