Tuesday, June 17, 2014



Are you looking for a soul mate and have a lingering feeling of incompleteness?  Do you feel like a bewildered puppy looking for a home?  Could it be that you are looking in the wrong place or have misunderstood what genuine happiness truly is?
There are individuals who are born with gifts of spirit.  They may feel the touch of holiness tingling on the crown of the head.  They may catch glimpses of luminous beings from the realms of light.  Healing may have occurred spontaneously in either the body or mind or both.  They may have psychic and intuitive experiences, visions of angels and worlds sublime.  There are some who mystically write volumes of inspired poetry.   A higher order of existence is felt, heard or seen by souls and yet, many remain disconnected and often troubled. 

Humans that do not consciously and permanently connect to their own sublime spirit do not yet fully understand. What is not yet understood is the truth that home is not always a place outside of the Self.  Home is a sacred symbol for a long held inner feeling, perhaps missing in original intensity and misplaced.  Home is a spiritual union representing wisdom and purity resting in the completeness of a grander love.  In the Sublime worlds or Language of Light, it is not a location of residence. 

Many who pursue physical intimacy are actually seeking the truth of what they inherently are.   Not being consciously aware of the beloved within, they seek for an elusive intimacy as a need to be found in pleasure.  As you know, pleasure takes many forms.
The most troubling pleasure is to pursue and not find your other half.  Is there actually another half?   Could it be that you are already complete and have forgotten?   Are you one of the millions of intelligent and spiritually oriented beings pursuing outward for true love, the beloved, a holy essence found inward?  Perhaps, feeling needy is not necessary. You already are your original self only temporarily wearing a new form.
Could it be that relationships and activities do not fill the hole in the heart because the pursuit is misplaced? When you discover your Real Self, you will be fulfilled and  joyfully recognize it in others.

Shirlee Hall    
June 2014

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